Convert Amount In Number to Words : Java : BlueJ

Objective :

In this tutorial, I will explain how a number can be converted to its value as a word using Java. If you are wondering how and where this can be used, take the example of Money values. If the Amount is in numbers and you would like to convert the amount in words then this program will be useful for you. The Program Checks and Converts the Number to String and Using the SubString function changes the position to the converted String by Referencing to the Array Index with the Deduced Character Index.

BlueJ Program Screenshot :

Java Program Source Code :

 * The class AmountInWords converts the Amount in Numbers into Words.
 * @author SHANTANU KHAN
 * @mail
 * @website
 * Program Type : BlueJ Program - Java
import java.util.*;
public class AmountInWords
    private static String amount; private static int num;
    private static String[] units={""," One"," Two"," Three"," Four"," Five"," Six"," Seven"," Eight"," Nine"};
    private static String[] teen={" Ten"," Eleven"," Twelve"," Thirteen"," Fourteen"," Fifteen"," Sixteen"," Seventeen"," Eighteen"," Nineteen"};
    private static String[] tens={" Twenty"," Thirty"," Fourty"," Fifty"," Sixty"," Seventy"," Eighty"," Ninety"};
    private static String[] maxs={"",""," Hundred"," Thousand"," Lakh"," Crore"};
    public AmountInWords()
    public String convertToWords(int n)
        amount=numToString(n); String converted=""; int pos=1; boolean hun=false;
            if(pos==1) // TENS AND UNIT POSITION
            {   if(amount.length()>=2) // 2DIGIT NUMBERS
                {   String C=amount.substring(amount.length()-2,amount.length()); amount=amount.substring(0,amount.length()-2);   converted+=digits(C);    }
                else if(amount.length()==1) // 1 DIGIT NUMBER
                {   converted+=digits(amount); amount="";   }    pos++; // INCREASING POSITION COUNTER
            else if(pos==2) // HUNDRED POSITION
            {   String C=amount.substring(amount.length()-1,amount.length()); amount=amount.substring(0,amount.length()-1);
                if(converted.length()>0&&digits(C)!=""){   converted=(digits(C)+maxs[pos]+" and")+converted;hun=true;  }   else{   if(digits(C)=="")  ; else  converted=(digits(C)+maxs[pos])+converted;hun=true;}   pos++; // INCREASING POSITION COUNTER
            else if(pos>2) // REMAINING NUMBERS PAIRED BY TWO
                if(amount.length()>=2) // EXTRACT 2 DIGITS
                {   String C=amount.substring(amount.length()-2,amount.length()); amount=amount.substring(0,amount.length()-2);
                    if(!hun&&converted.length()>0)converted=digits(C)+maxs[pos]+" and"+converted;    else{ if(digits(C)=="")  ; else converted=digits(C)+maxs[pos]+converted; }   }
                else if(amount.length()==1) // EXTRACT 1 DIGIT
                {   if(!hun&&converted.length()>0)converted=digits(amount)+maxs[pos]+" and"+converted;    else{ if(digits(amount)=="")  ; else converted=digits(amount)+maxs[pos]+converted;   amount="";  } }    pos++; // INCREASING POSITION COUNTER
        return converted;
    private String digits(String C) // TO RETURN SELECTED NUMBERS IN WORDS
        String converted="";
        for(int i=C.length()-1;i>=0;i--)
        {   int ch=C.charAt(i)-48;
            if(i==0&&ch>1&&C.length()>1)    converted=tens[ch-2]+converted; // IF TENS DIGIT STARTS WITH 2 OR MORE IT FALLS UNDER TENS
            else if(i==0&&ch==1&&C.length()==2) // IF TENS DIGIT STARTS WITH 1 IT FALLS UNDER TEENS
            {   int sum=0;      for(int j=0;j<2;j++)    sum=(sum*10)+(C.charAt(j)-48);      return teen[sum-10];    }
            else{   if(ch>0)converted=units[ch]+converted;  } // IF SINGLE DIGIT PROVIDED    
        }   return converted;
    private String numToString(int n) // CONVERT THE NUMBER TO STRING
        String num="";  while(n!=0) {   num=((char)((n%10)+48))+num;  n/=10;  }      return num;
    private void input()
        Scanner in=new Scanner(;
        try{System.out.print("Enter Amount to Convert in Words : ");
        num=in.nextInt();}catch(Exception e){System.out.println("Number Less than 1 Arab(1000000000) Only Possible.");System.exit(1);}
    public static void main(String[] args)
        AmountInWords obj=new AmountInWords();
        System.out.println("Amount in Words : "+obj.convertToWords(num));